Blessings come through Raindrops

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On July 2nd, my family shut the door on both our Uhaul truck, and our home in Hale, Michigan for the last time.  The clouds filled the sky and sent rain drops to the ground just as our eyes welled up with tears and did the same.  We were leaving the place that had been home for the past 12 years, and heading to the place we would soon call home for at least the next several.  The morning of July 3rd began with a beautifully colored Kentucky sunrise which shed a beam of light onto the path that God had called my family and me to follow.  Soon after breakfast, the clouds again began to roll in, and the rain and tears resumed.  This time however, the tears were those of joy as we were welcomed by a wonderful new family of friends waiting on the very same porch where they had stood just hours before and tearfully said goodbye to two dear friends, Pastor Dan and Jaci.  As we backed the Uhaul off the road, God backed off on His heavenly teardrops as well and we were greeted with a much needed three hour reprieve to unload the truck.  Names and faces continued to flash in and out of the front door of the parsonage like random bolts of lightning; each bringing a new surge of energy; each fueled by selfless amazing love.

After nearly four more consecutive days of rain, countless gallons of water in the basement, and numerous flash flood warnings in the Junction City area, God sent a sign to let us know that everything would be alright.  On Saturday night, God’s covenantal display arched through the eastern evening sky and provided not one, but two beautiful rainbows.  Thanks be to God for His blessings that come through the raindrops of life.

The first month has come and gone so quickly and the start of the school year is inching ever closer each day.  Soon, we will be preparing for another spectacular rainbow as the fall leaves begin to display their colorful array and we experience more of God’s blessings for us.  I look forward to the continual deepening of our faith as well as the enriching of our newly sewed relationships as we “Seek Christ to Share Christ” together for the remainder of 2013.  Thank you for your blessed endings to rainbows and the covenant of new beginnings all the same.

A Little Reminder: First Wednesday Worship

What are you doing tonight?  Hopefully, the answer to this question is that you’re coming to Junction City United Methodist Church’s First Wednesday of the Month Prayer & Praise Worship Service at 6:30pm!  If not, clear your schedule and come on down for a great time of worship as we consider the role of doubt in our Christian lives.  See you tonight!

Seeking Christ to Share Christ.


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